Imprint on molded foam or plaster

With us you can choose between an imprint made of molded foam or a 3D imprint with plaster. Both variants can be used in the included picture frame and look simply great!

Imprint on molded foam

An accurate imprint can be made in our molded foam within a few seconds.

To do this, simply press your child's hand or foot, your four-legged friend's paw or your horse's hoof into the middle of the foam and the print is ready.

3D imprint with plaster

Here, too, an impression is first created on the molded foam plate provided. However, in the next step, the plaster compound included in the package is mixed and poured into the foam impression. After the mass has hardened, the foam is removed and the plaster cast can be inserted into the picture frame.

  • Impressive 3D cast
  • Crafting fun guaranteed (the cast can also be painted)
  • Easy to use
  • Available in different colors
  • Made in Germany

    We are a German family business that specializes in medical molded foam. Our passion for high-quality products and innovations has led us to create additional products with our FSG impression foam over the years: Little Memories, Pet Imprint and Pet Imprint Horse.

  • Safe for everyone

    Our FSG imprint foam has been dermatologically tested several times and is classified as safe even for particularly sensitive skin. The medical molded foam is not only safe, but also durable and perfect for immortalizing impressions.

  • Memories for eternity

    From babies to pets to horses, we offer a wide range of options to celebrate love for your loved ones and create special keepsakes. Each frame tells a unique story and becomes a timeless keepsake for the whole family.